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Guest blogging
Guest blogging

I was lucky enough to meet the fabulous novelist, playwright and actress Elaine Spires while enjoying VIP treatment at the Queen’s Club tennis final in June this year. We got to talking about what we did and I was impressed to hear about her success and jealous to learn she spends half her time living and writing in Five Islands, Antigua (W.I.). When she asked me to guest post on her Hot Holidays blog I was thrilled!


What a treat today! Our guest is the innovative South African-born designer Katie Smith. Yes!


Katie has been living in London since 2007, currently living in South West London. After graduating in Media & Communications, Marketing and Interior Design, Katie worked in Interior Design, ladies fashion design and Public Relations, until she decided to follow her dream. Katie has recently started her own business, home-sown, making and creating her own handmade products, which I can tell you, are beyond fabulous. And you can see them all at: www.home-sown.com


ES: So, here we go with the usual questions: Where did you spend your last holiday and why did you choose to go there?
KS: The last holiday I went on was to Agadir, Morocco where my brother and I went surfing in Taghazout. The actual area is very remote, rustic and rather broken to so speak but it is an epic place to surf – not for the faint hearted – but it attracts wave riders from all over the world. I will never forget driving through Banana Village (that is what it’s called) as it’s full of roadside shacks selling bananas. Blink and you might miss it all together but it’s one to remember. There were also plenty of donkey-drawn carts that were the locals primary transport. We spent many an evening on the deck overlooking uninterrupted views of the ocean watching the fishermen bob up and down on their boats, wondering what they were sitting thinking about looking back at land? In the mornings we saw them on the shaw, laidened with their catch ready to sell to passersby. It was a great trip, the surf was as epic as I had been told it would be and I would certainly return.


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